IGN: Tech Fetish Podcast, Episode 54

Tune in for a special edition of Tech Fetish, the IGN Gear podcast, wherein former editor of IGN Gear-turned-product manager, Gerry Block, returns to the podcast and joins host, Scott Lowe, to unveil his latest product; a brand new, officially licensed sword accessory for Wii Sports Resort. Also guesting on the show this week is Helen Zhang, Performance Designed Product's China-based production coordinator.

After the discussion of the genesis of the product, the discussion turns to the topic of augmented reality, which has been appearing regularly in the news. Augmented reality, which is a concept that blends real life sensory perception with artificially rendered objects. Is it the next evolution of entertainment technology or a gimmick? The crew weighs in.

Rounding off the podcast is some discussion on E3 2009's tech and hardware developments, as well as the iPhone 3GS.

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