Analyst: When Will Microsoft Admit Xbox 360 is a Bomb?

Financial analyst Roger Ehrenberg has written a thorough article regarding the Xbox 360 in which he concludes that the Microsoft's venture into gaming has been a disastrous endeavor for the company. Below are some highlights:

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BlackIceJoe4253d ago

Well I like it and to me that is all that matters. May be MS is not getting that much money out of the 360. But at the same time they are. I liked
the first Xbox and people could say it failed. But if it failed then why is there a 360. I have heard in the past this gen MS will break even and the next bring in the money. So it takes time to bring in the cash. So for MS they see the Xbox brand as a way to make money and if it takes three different versions of the xbox to make money they will do that. Plus the Xbox also helps make more games for the PC. That being said I am not saying there will only be three Xbox versions just that it might take MS that long to bring in the big cash.

So if that is what MS is thinking in the first one they got there name out there. Then in this one they will like I said break even then when the next Xbox comes out MS will be bringing in lots of cash.

That being said I think MS could even make more money this gen then most people thought. So just because this guy thinks the Xbox brand is a failure with bringing ten million people to buy the 360 then I guess He is right.

So I think the 360 is doing fine and can't wait to see what else in the gaming community we will see. Plus had there been no Xbox games like Star Wars Knights of the old Republic, Halo, Gears of War and many other great games would not have been born. I for one think that would stink. So I am happy to see more then just Sony and Nintendo in the gaming market.

Each system has different things I like and if I knew one was to leave I would be mad. That is why I like owning every system out there. That way I get lots of different games over just the same ones.

MoonDust4253d ago

I go to teamxbox and post W/E i see that hasn't been posted. Whether it's Xbox or PS, good or bad.

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THWIP4253d ago

....and it nuked Sony, like it was August 1945 all over again.

nix4253d ago

whatever.... everyone has a good day and a bad day! q:

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The story is too old to be commented.