GamePro Arcade writer fired for plagiarizing IGN review

NE: "GamePro has been under a lot of fire for their review of The Conduit, but that's not the only issue that has arisen over the past few days. Today, someone discovered what appeared to be an editor of their arcade section plagiarizing a review from IGN."

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knox3446d ago

i gotta say, this guy who did it is plain stupid

tplarkin73446d ago

All journalists have a tendency to follow "trends". Quite often, it is simply repeating each other. One reason is the "fear of not knowing". If they disagree, they could be wrong.

phantomexe3446d ago

Gamepro has went down hill.The conduit review was off as well.

N4g_null3445d ago

Yeah I expect a person online to actually know more about gaming than these guys. Clearly the lack of pay is attracting less skilled writers and turning away good ones. In the end it will hurt the market that depend on publications like the above yet nintendo has already freed them selves from this train wreck.

Another thing is have you noticed the echo chamber effect of the blogs has actually made this ok to do now. Opinions are truth now and the fact can be change on the internet bible knows as the wiki LOL.

I'm starting to think blog ruin your brain.

Salvadore3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

*Face palm*

Now this is definitely what people call "Epic Fail" because nobody gets away with anything on the interwebs, NOBODY!!!!

mfwahwah3445d ago

Nobody gets away with anything eh?

Let's take a look at how popular illegal downloads are lol

poindat3446d ago

If you want to plagiarize, at least do it right. Really, it's not that hard to at least change the wording.

Nike3446d ago

He may as well just write his own original stuff if he's gonna change the wording. >_<

mfwahwah3445d ago

Well duuuuh, but if he's gonna plaigarize then he might as well do it right. I learned to in high school so this guy should be able to as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.