Jack Thompson Blames Bill Gates for VT Shooting

Once again, anti-game activist and Florida attorney Jack Thompson has injected himself into the current drama surrounding the shootings at the Virginia Tech campus. Thompson has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN to discuss his belief that the shooter, 23 year-old student Cho Seung Hui, trained himself via the use of violent video games.

Earlier this week, Thompson sent an open letter to Bill Gates condemning Microsoft for publishing Counter-Strike and alleging that the company could be "potentially legally liable the harm done at Virginia Tech." Now, it appears that Thompson is pushing the Counter-Strike issue even further with a letter sent today to Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum:

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techie4259d ago

this guy is going to be dead in the water very very soon with Microsoft on his back. SHoot him down I say

BlackIceJoe4259d ago

All I can say is Jack Thompson is most likely high on some thing. This guy is nuts. People lost there family,Friends,Brother,Sister you name it and all this guy can do is try to make himself feel better and blame it on video games. Lets say Jack Thompson is right and the reason for the shootings was because of a video game. Does that mean every one that plays games like GTA have to go out a shoot people or even add mario He kills turtles by jumping on them.

I think games are a way to have fun and just because one person thinks they are real life does not mean every one else does.

So when Jack makes up these weird things I like to make them go in my ear and right not the next. Because all He does is like to pick on the gaming community and to me that is sad. It is like He has nothing better to do with his life then talk about games. I think He needs to find a new hobby. It also makes you wonder if He wants to do evil things in life.

CyberSentinel4259d ago

Jack Thompson is not high or nuts. He is an extortionist. He isn't concerned about morals or family values, just a big fat settlement/payoff with rich companies to further fund his political career. Politicians do these types of "Deals/Bribes" all the time.

bung tickler4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

i wonder if this douchbag knows that bill gates and his wife have donated to humanitarian causes more than he, jack thompson, and his whole family combined have made/will make their whole lives. i mean gates has donated hundreds of millions of dollars, more than most COUNTRIES... what a [email protected]

WhEeLz4259d ago

he didnt train on the game...he just like violent games..

Hayabusa 1174259d ago

"If you all had a different, less blasphemous name, I might."

Absolute classic.

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The story is too old to be commented.