Google names Chrome OS compatriots, Dell noticeably absent

"Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments -- according to the latest Chrome OS update from Google, you're looking at the company's initial ragtag team of co-conspirators for its entry into the operating system business. With Adobe's involvement, we can assume Flash support is a given, and the others unsurprisingly run the gamut of netbook and smartbook players. We can't help but notice a couple of conspicuous absences on that list, including Intel and Dell. With Intel, you don't need to partner to work on its chips, but we gotta imagine it'd helps by offering more support, and as for Dell, we don't know about that one, but there's still plenty of time for the Big G to enlist more companies in the lead up to its second half 2010 debut."

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Blasphemy3417d ago

I just want to see how it turns out. I wander how it will compare with other OSs out now.

DJ3417d ago

Netbooks will be the primary platform when the Chrome OS is released. Desktops and workstations will be next in line.

Rofflecopter3417d ago

True, but unless something crazy happens, Microsoft has a sort of stranglehold on the OS market. Even with Vista's failure (in the public eye, anyway), Windows 7 will more than likely sell just fine. I just don't see google taking over the world just yet..

Mu5afir3417d ago

Can't wait.. I have been hoping for a good FREE OS.

Thugbot1873417d ago

I don't see Google making any dent in Microsoft’s share of OS. There are many alternatives to Windows; MAC OS, Linux, and UNIX to name the top ones, which has its hardcore followers and have been around for years. You can Google to fine Windows VS which ever OS and you will find the same thing. Windows wins out for various reasons, software being the biggest. Software support really makes or breaks an OS.

Microsoft has the whole .NET Framework which is a prime development platform and has only been getting better and making it easier for software developers to develop software for Windows OS. One of the things that make .NET platform so great is it supports you programming in various languages from C#, VB, COBOL, C++, Python, Ruby, F#, and many other languages. I just don't see Google being able to bring all these developers together like MS has to create software for their OS.

I see this being a fad at most, with Linux being in more direct competition.

tplarkin73417d ago

Everytime I see the Chrome logo, I think of Simon Says.

Eiffel3417d ago

Oh oh! I see lawsuit.

Mu5afir3417d ago

3 Colors to 4.. they seem similar until u compare them side to side.

tplarkin73417d ago

Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. The "case" is black, too. If I were Google, I would have not used that logo. Perhaps it's a subtle joke. Instead of "Simon", "Google Says".

whateva3417d ago

with all this cloud computers talk the only thing your going to need on your PC is the web browser in a few years

mistajeff3417d ago

Maybe google will finally be the ones to give MS the concussion they need to actually look at what they're doing and re-evaluate.

Godmars2903417d ago

"Maybe google will finally be the ones to give MS the concussion they need to actually look at what they're doing and re-evaluate."

You should do a Vegas with that act...

The only thing MS reconsidered was the price of Windows 7. This is likely the exact reason that its become dirt cheap.

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