Disgaea 3 Trophy List

As it was reported earlier in the week, and we'll see an official press release come tomorrow from NIS America, Disgaea 3 is about to get a nice batch of trophies to unlock starting next week. Most of these will take hours to unlock and will definitely show how hardcore you are with your games.

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Megaton3444d ago

I've never played one of these games, but I've got a fanatical Disgaea fan friend who's gonna sh*t bricks.

ExcelKnight3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

For someone who's remotely seasoned in the game, most of these things are achieved while playing the game normally or while screwing around to see if you can bug up the game.

The trophies that'll cause actual problems are the ones related to Reverse Pirating, since they require actual puzzle solving (randomized, often unsolvable).

housegroove763444d ago

My favorite one out of all of them (and one I'll never get due to having a wife and family)

Bronze - Consult Your Physician
Play for over 10 hours without stopping.

Actually, I wonder if you could get it by turning on your system and leave it running unattended

ExcelKnight3444d ago

It would probably work, yes.

Other "leave the game on for X hours" trophies worked in the same way.