Liberty City will be a lot bigger than you think

It's been suggested that just because GTA IV concentrates on a single city as opposed to an entire state it's not going to be a very big game world. The guys at are not so sure. And they used Google Maps to prove it.....

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CaliGamer4136d ago

Speculative but still valid I guess. "The game will be huge with little detail, the game will be small with too much detail", people always have something to gripe about.

Ps30074136d ago

We will see just how good DVD9 is because im 100% sure thats their bottleneck...

It will be nothing bigger then previous GTA's... If they do it however, it would be REALLY impressive...

Also I wonder how they are doing the consoles. Porting, or seperate teams..

Will Ps3 have full install, partial? Will the 360 have it as well?

Seriously I have no idea how they would make both versions shine. 1 version is going to get shafted, guess which one?

nice_cuppa4136d ago

have lots of copys of the same data on it !

content will be the same.
both discs will be full.

kornbeaner4135d ago

Content will most likley be copies twice on the Blu-ray, but in no way will the Blu-ray be full.

Blu-ray is only about 1/3 slower then DVD-9.

techie4135d ago

lol get your facts straight.

A single layer blu-ray disc has a faster transfer rate than a double-layer DVD.

ErcsYou4135d ago

blueray isnt fast enough to stream????? were did you get your info from??? the xbox360 forum??

OneBubbleBastard4135d ago

What does a guy have to do here to get some freaking negative feedback......

I think i'm better off trashing the PS3...

Alright $5 a bubble.. I only need one, PM me with the info and i'll send a check..

Extra Guy4135d ago

simple be a bastard, don't sit and be a gutton for punishment. Go act like a serious fanboy and they'll be taken away. Positive feedback ;)

Anego Montoya FTMFW4135d ago

i smell a multiple disk announcement comin up for the 360 version.

but maybe not.

Lucidmantra4135d ago

I guess i can see why you only have one bubble.

Even with only 1 chance to comment you can't muster anything approaching intelligence.

If anything it will be a big swapfile and no diskswapping.

AseBoogie41324135d ago

how big was saints row? they said the ps3 version of that'll be bigger..

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