Dragon Age Sloth Fight

BioWare has a new video from its upcoming fantasy RPG Dragon Age Origins showing some of the combat scenes.

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Troll-Killer3244d ago

The more I see of this game, it just looks uglier, and more boring than before. I'm starting to think they just put a few of BioWare's flunkies on this game, and EA fleshed out the dev team with some of their internal goons. The REAL BioWare has been hard at work on the masterpiece that will be Mass Effect 2.

Chris3993244d ago

Combat looked incredibly canned and the special effects were PC circa 2002.

I don't know what build/ system this was running on, but it wasn't pretty.

I'll probably still grab it though, as I'm a fantasy nut, but this is looking more and more like an average game with some massive hype behind it. Who knows, maybe they'll polish the $hit outta it before release? Still, the engine itself seems clunky and bland. I know that Bioware's strength is in story-telling, but even that appears lukewarm (in this game) from what I've seen.

Not Bioware's best work.

Gamer_Politics3244d ago

Wow....this game looked alot better along time ago and also thought the combat would be more like hack&slash with Rpg elements but i was wrong....

ReaperXL73244d ago

Personally I don't think it looks that bad, as for Gamer_Politics it will be more of a hack and slash game on the Consoles, most of the videos we have seen for the game at this point have pretty much been all PC based.

you also have to remember that most of the videos we get to see are of old builds, so what the game looks like in these vids probably is not how good the final game will look.

Having said that graphics wise the game doesnt quite look as good as Mass Effect yet, but I like the setting of Dragon Age a bit more because I really enjoy Fantasy games.