PSLS Review - Red Faction: Guerrilla

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Developers have long lured us with talk of fully destructible environments for quite some time now, and Battlefield: Bad Company was one of the first titles to actually have a destructible feel to it. Unfortunately, the game wasn't fully destructive. Sure, you could blow a chunk through the wall of a building, and the wall would break to some extent. But no matter how hard that building was battered, whether it was by missile fire or a vehicle driving through it, the structure was still stand perfectly straight. But thankfully, Red Faction: Guerrilla does away with that nonsense."

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decimalator3444d ago

I LOVED RFG, it's very satisfying to smash things with a giant hammer. Especially one in the form of a giant bird. I only wish the Ostrich Hammer was available in the single player campaign too.

Lifewish3440d ago

good review.. will def. check this out through gamefly