Giz Explains: What the Hell's Google Chrome OS?

"Google. Chrome. OS. Just reading that makes my pants tingle. But, uh, what is it exactly?"

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zag3422d ago

No good for a gamer as 99+% of games are Windows only.

It's like those people who install Lnuix because they don't want to install the bad/evil Windows but then run a VE so that they can install Windows on so they can still use Windows only programs.

Bit pointless really.

pippoppow3422d ago

We need more competition in the PC OS arena. I know 360 diehard want to trumpet MS as the best thing ever but there needs to be some competition to make MS come out with more than just yearly minor upgrades to their OS. IF competition is good in the console arena then it surely is good in the PC OS arena as well. It's time someone made MS sweat as they have had too easy a ride. Would be nice if one day when anyone buys a PC game it can play on any PC OS. PC being an OPEN PLATFORM is great since there are many hardware and software choices.

Redempteur3422d ago

i think someone needed to shake microsoft in order to wake everyone up.

If chrome os the one needed to do it then fine ...

DeadlyFire3422d ago

I like the idea of an open PC/Mac platform for gaming.

Salvadore3421d ago

Personally, I don't think Chrome OS will have a huge impact on MS, but it should make them aware of Google. With Chrome and Android, Google are slowly but steadily acquiring more from Microsoft.

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DevastationEve3422d ago

It's spelled Jizz, gee whiz.