Wii Remote In Raised Fist: Possibly The Image Of Our Generation

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes:

"Three times is homage, rip-off, a trend or simply a sign that this is the signature visual of the gaming era during which we live."

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Christopher3416d ago

Definitely not a symbol of the hardcore gaming age. Perhaps the casual market, but even then how often do people with Wiis play them in comparison to people with 360s and PS3s?

Jack Klugman3417d ago

only if that hand is chopped off below the wrist and is oozing guts and blood.

i think a better picture for this generation is the gamer bent over and these companies standing behind them like zed in pulp fiction.

N4g_null3416d ago

I hate to agree with that but it is a little true. The guys that are HD gamers are especially hurt by this gen. It's almost sad really.

There is a lesson to be learned but people are so emotional they can not see it. Logic always prevails. All I see is a bunch of rage on this site. Let nintendo have the crown and SONy and MS will learn from them and do things their own way. Letting or giving nintendo props for this gen will only make them make a mistake right? So give them their due every thing will work out.

Holding a grudge is a little lame right now. Some companies have to realize this too.

LightofDarkness3417d ago

A more appropriate image would be a Wii remote sitting in a dark corner covered in dust and spider webs.

plstcsldgr3416d ago

maybe if you were 7. who the hell writes this crap anyways?

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