Microsoft: Samsung Deal Could Improve Xbox, Zune

The patent agreement that Microsoft and Samsung Electronics signed Thursday morning will be used to enhance Microsoft's consumer electronics hardware with Samsung's CE knowhow, Microsoft executives said.

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techie4232d ago

ooh dirty sl*t lol. Sleeping with Sony and Microsoft now are we...i'd be careful Samsung you might catch something if you sleep around.

shotty4232d ago

with sony?...well microsoft has previous relationships with samsung for the LCD tvs and Ram used in the xbox 360.

techie4232d ago

with or microsoft. Choose which ever depending on your "preference". I was just making a funny comment...sadly no one has a sense of humour around here, because they are so seriously being overtaken by a product and the company that provides it to them.

shotty4232d ago

Well if you think about it sony has this massive hardware side that is backing them up and there TV sales boast sales of other devices such as the playstation. Microsoft has the huge software side but lack the resources alot of hardware engineering which is why samsung comes in since they are the biggest hardware manufacter. Sample gets software help, better integration with windows (imagine the TV streaming straight off a Vista PC with no need for a separate box), while microsoft gets the vast hardware knowledge that samsung has.

Think about it Microsoft wants to make a phone, mp3 to whatever samsung has it.

Neutral Gamer4232d ago

This could actually be pretty good news for Microsoft, as we all know their primary experience is in the software sector, which can be seen by looking at out how big the original Xbox was and how they couldn't get manufacturing costs down enough to make a profit on units sold.

Hopefully tapping into more technical know how from hardware companies such as Samsung will mean they can make improvements such as lowering the noise the fan makes on the 360 and getting rid of the external power supply. It'd be great if we also one day saw a PSTwo style smaller, cheaper version of the console.

Looking at Samsung's latest slim, sleek phones, they could even help out with a Zune phone if it ever comes out.

Ha, maybe Microsoft should consult Sony on hardware advice and Sony consult Microsoft on software advice, then we'd have the perfect console(s)!

nice_cuppa4232d ago

samsung kicks sonys ass hardware.
microsoft kicks sonys ass software.

sonys expensive ass gets kicked.

come on sony get the games out and lower the price before microsoft and nintendo get to far ahead !

i want that new wipeout game to happen.


eques judicii4232d ago

i wonder if this has anything to do with the recent announcement of HD-DVD support by samsung

Laka4232d ago

I see this as only good news for MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.