Attention Fighting Fans: Prove You're the Best Around

This year's EVO Championship Series in Las Vegas is special for Sony as the PlayStation 3 will be the platform of choice. EVO is the world's largest and longest-running fighting game tournament, featuring thousands of competitors from around the world, all vying to be the very best.

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lociefer3444d ago

duh , i mean who would want his console to brick on him during an intense fight

Sarcasm3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

It's more of a D-pad issue.

Console wars blah blah blah blah blah

It doesn't matter, the Playstation D-pad is great for fighting games second to a hori fight stick.

Jinxstar3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

@ sarcasm... Are you serious bro? These guys use nothing but world class joysticks like the Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Fightstick (The one I currently use) or high quality hori and other products similar to those... They would NEVER use a Dpad (Now when I say never... There are people who do but they are normally just in it for fun and never make it to the end... The "High rollers" never would because of the advantages of the joystick. Read my SF4 Review for more info or PM me and I'll help out anyone who wants more info. I love Fighting games and anyone who wants to enjoy them with me =D)for something like this... I know. I have done a LOT of research and competed in some local stuff a while ago. While I don't deny that the Dpad on the PS3 is better then the 360 one. Especially for fighting games... That is kind of irrelevant at Evo....


Here is an article for EVO and look at all the people playing and tell me how many are using a controller.


Dave Sirlin has some articles on it as well as many other world champs and EVO participants.

Edit: Sorry I don't know if you edited your comment or I somehow didn't see the Hori thing you wrote... bubs up though bro and game on.

In anycase though if someone were to prefer the 360 Dpad or what not The EVO championships will have converters of every kind so players can use whatever they can imagine to beat the other guy with. There is not really any rules as gone over in that link I provided =D.

facepalm3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I think a reason they use PS3s since there are many players who used PS2 custom/arcade sticks, which can be used on the PS3 via adapter.

So basically it spares the players who have PS2 stick owners from buying another stick for the next gen consoles.

EDIT ADDED: @cmrbe: Maybe, but I'm not going to make assumptions that will light the PS Fanboy in me. ::wink, wink::

cmrbe3443d ago

or they just prefer the PS3.

menoyou3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I'm just surprised Microsoft didn't offer them a bag of money to use the 360 with arcade sticks like they do in most other tournaments and shows like that reality show called World's Greatest Gamer or whatever.

Is this only for Capcom games or something? That's all they talk about in the article. I'm hoping they have some BlazBlue there at least!

Jack Klugman3443d ago

of course if it involves ms it has to be due to bags of money. you ps3 jokers are fools if you believe half of the garbage you say.

most if not all tournaments these days use Xbox but 1 decides to use ps3 and its news worthy. how the mighty have fallen.

luckily sony showed up with bags of money and sponsorship so they decided to use ps3. your dumb logic never applies to dear old sony. if you think its the dpad you are wrong because these pros use fighting sticks not the standard controller.

can never just be happy you always gotta pull ms into everything but i dont blame you that they are on your minds all the time.

Dark General3443d ago

I can't wait for EVO this year. I'm not actually going to the event because well I'm not THAT good at fighting games. At least compared to these guys but it will be live streams of the event. I recommend anyone with at least a small passing interest in fighting games to check out the EVO streams this year.

Believe in Mike Ross:

LethalToxins3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

True for the most part. Only exception I can think of is Nina Williams in Tekken...she's generally considered easier to play on a controller than a joystick because of her 'twitching' (u1~b, u).

There are other characters in Tekken where it's irrelevant which you use. You really believe it matters with Eddy Gordo or Anna Williams? Joystick really picked up with Mishima's and wave/light dashing, EWGF, DEWGF, etc. Most use joystick as preference. It's not like it makes as big of a difference as say...controller vs mouse and keyboard for FPS/3PS games.

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saint_john_paul_ii3444d ago

wasnt the Playstation Brand in General the Platform of Choice for EVO since the beginning anyway?

N4PS3G3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Yeah..what a shocker..they always use Playstation consoles for this fighting tournament

-x.Red.x-3444d ago

who wants to use that shi++y 360 controller with fighting games?

frayer3444d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Bots get no invites because they bought a poor mans PS3

Poor welfare bots

frayer3444d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

The 3fixme is too sh*tty to be taken serious by true fighting game fans. "bu bu but our controler workz jus asw well"

poor welfare bots

Kleptic3443d ago

you seriously replied to yourself?...and then used an individual's income as an insult?...I don't really get this place anymore...and I'm generally pro-PS3...

whitesky3443d ago

i think this place is hilarious

dustgavin3443d ago

That was pretty damn funny!

This place is full of fake accounts and crap talking. You just have to separate the good from the bad.

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