DigitalSomething Review: EA Sports Active

From the Review: "Just over a month ago, I started doing the work to prepare my review of EA Sports Active. Why did it take that long? Well, Active isn't a game that you can just sit down and play for a while before reviewing it, because it is not a regular game. If you haven't heard about Active, it is more of a program to help you improve your physical well being. Think Wii Fit, but instead of balancing and yoga, you actually do exercise. In fact, in order to properly review it, I needed to participate in the game's 30 Day Challenge. Now that I am a few days removed from it (not just because I wanted a couple of days off, but because I have been out and about running all over the state of Michigan for the last few days), I have had some time to properly reflect on the game and the results that I have gotten through playing the entire 30 Day Challenge."

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