360 Elite surpassing Core and Premium online demand, PS3 trailing

Online retail demand in the US for the Xbox 360 Elite has already surpassed the total for Core and Premium system shoppers despite it only having been listed for pre-order 3 weeks ago.

According to, an online traffic analysis group, "the Elite launch has driven incremental shoppers to the 360 brand". Despite it not even being released yet, "it is already generating significant interest".

The charts in the article also show that the PS3 is trailing the 360 while the Wii's online demand is 40% higher than the 360's and nearly double the PS3.

They conclude by saying that Microsoft's answer to the PS3 may be short and sweet, "Own3d".

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paracardium4134d ago

OWNED yep they sure did since PS3 been out 6 months good job MS .

zantetsuken4134d ago

/me tosses you some fanboy cookies.

Rookie Monster4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

as for the Wii issue that's news. Good news, for Nintendo. Now What can they do to lower that demand and increase profit. How about ship more Wii's. I mean don't work in the industry so for the people who are wondering where I came up with that suggestion. check the title of my comment.

ScorpioKyle4133d ago

there are lots of Wii's getting to market. It's not like the artificial demand created by the 360 last year, because most stores didn't get ANY in for a 2 month period Wii's have been coming in every week or 2, in significant numbers. at my work the last 4 shipments of Wii's in the past month have been 36, 28, 24 and 42.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

the sad fact is even if it`s double the demand, over 50% of 360`s break.
it`s pretty ironic.

all the news comin lately is an exact repeat of what happened w/ ps2.
it`s amusing.
all these "analysts" professional predictions.
they must not be full from eating their words last time around.

@the Bs police.
i heard 50% and i believe it.
5/6 of my friends who bought a 360(including my self)broke 3-6months after purchase.
4 of them broke twice.
1 once.

figure out that percent.
so i completly believe 50% when i hear it not 5%

The BS Police4134d ago

Last time I checked it was around 5%.

GameJunkieJim4134d ago

But now you hold contempt for them... Can't have it both ways.

Of course, they're all stupid when it comes to the games industry.

None of them are going anywhere. The only system I see in any kind of real trouble is the PSP. The PS3 is not doing as good as it could, but it's not hurting by a long shot. Neither is the 360. And certainly the Wii is doing great.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

i remember what everyone said about the 360.
for instance G4/Xplay use to completly bash the 360 now they do it to the ps3 badly.
it`s a bad thing for the industry, it hurts it.
it was the same thing w/ ps2 and dreamcast.
Dreamcast was the best.Dreamcast was the best.
i bought a dreamcast and a year or two later it was gone.
all because i bought into the "ps2 was garbage" articles.
and i owned a ps1.
eventually i bought a ps2 and was so so happy i did.

with the 360, the only thing i`ve ever hated about the 360 is that it breaks easier than a dinner plate and i think dvd9 is wrong.
i`ll admit it thou, i love sony`s titles more.
and i see a future more thru what their doing.

highps34134d ago doesnt appear to be an anaysis group either.

fenderputty4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

It's not even close to what the article claims.

The guy means, or

TetraNinja4134d ago

A clear sign of any media bias is oversimplifying complex issues or news with short answers or words...i think "owned" pretty much covers thats. Lol

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The story is too old to be commented.