Gaming Nexus: Sacred 2:Fallen Angel Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Sacred 2:Fallen Angel is the prequel to 2004's Sacred, but it isn't your average prequel as the game takes place 2,000 years before the original. The game's story still resides in the land of Ancaria, where an ancient race called the Seraphim,who once controlled the T-Energy, have lost interest in the world. The new guardians of the T-Energy, the High Elves, have become the dominant race in Ancaria, but now a civil war has broke out within the Elves over who should control the energy. Other races have taken advantage of this war because they want to use it to become the most powerful race, and now the T-energy is going out of control mutating creatures and even eradicating entire cities. Players get to choose between two campaigns, the Light, or the Shadow. Which one you choose determines whether you will be fighting for or against the chaos. So is Sacred 2 compelling enough to get players to return to its world, or is it just another mediocre Diablo clone?"

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