Feature: First Details on New Crash Bandicoot Game

Gameplayer has revealed the details on the new Crash Bandicoot game entitled Crash of the Titans, due out on six formats in October 2007. The feature includes hands-on time with the Wii version of the game and a host of screenshots.

The main gameplay feature is the ability for Crash to take control of enemies in the world to use as 'weapons'.

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Newmanator4261d ago

16-years-old and still interested in Crash. Anyone else??? :P

Neutral Gamer4261d ago

Ha, I can go one better than that mate. I'm 25 and I'm still interested in Crash. I still remember playing it for the first time all those years ago.

I like the way that it has an "on the rail" approach where you can't move the camera. It means, that like God of War, you can just sit back and enjoy playing the game without camera issues.

It was still good fun when I was younger and I'm sure it'll still be good fun now. Sshh! Just don't tell anyone though, if anyone asks, I only play Halo 2, Resident Evil 4 and God of War - I'm a real man after all, haha!

ItsDubC4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

It's sad but I think most 16-yr old gamers (males, at least) are going through that phase where they think they're "too cool" to play games like this.

ITR4261d ago

The pre-alpha screen shots looked really good over at IGN.
Radical said they plan on tweaking the graphics even further.

PS360WII4260d ago

Well if you read the article rather than just the title you would of seen this:

"Seemingly emerging out of nowhere, Crash of the Titans will be hitting store shelves in October 2007 across X360, Wii, PS2, PSP, DS and GBA formats"

That's why it's in the 360 forum among others that is