Games acquire the art of conversation

You're walking through a virtual world, beautifully rendered with cutting-edge graphics. Birds flutter overhead, and sunlight glints off a nearby babbling brook. The sense of immersion is immense. But try talking to anyone and the illusion is shattered. Must conversation in computer games be so clumsy?

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Cadence3393d ago

i know people love to talk but come on this is a game it was made to be for emo only and u cannot do that is like getting out of Ur social life =/ get to know people get out of Ur house am quitting gaming for real if this keep going like that.

ChickeyCantor3393d ago

" am quitting gaming for real if this keep going like that."

Now thats emo.

Software like these are actually meant to showcase where software is heading. Just imagine this in a FPS game where you have to answer to one of the characters and you can basically say anything.

Vx_3393d ago

biggest joke i have ever seen, not even sure who believed that