OXM: Battlefield 1943 Review

OXM writes: "Though it's technically an Xbox Live Arcade game, Battlefield 1943 is really more like a digitally distributed big-budget product, complete with modern tech, robust online features, and endless replay value. A remake of the classic Battlefield 1942 that uses Bad Company's Frostbite engine, 1943 ships with four beloved maps: Iwo Jima, Wake Island, Guadalcanal, and the unlockable Coral Sea. (The latter is a special aerial dogfighting level that will be opened "by the community," EA tells us. Mysterious! But we did play it for this review.)"

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kazan3444d ago

they gave the game low score because "No offline play" O really o.O! I say learn to review a download only game which cost $15 1st

glennc3444d ago

battlefield was never about single player. this guy must be new to games or something. it is an online shooter for $15 and should be reviewed as an online shooter.

he is an idiot if he thinks they could fit a single player campaign in this game (along side mutli) and keep it under the xbox arcade file size limit. he thinks the game is lacking, i think his review is seriously lacking. 3 little paragraphs and a score is not a review. WE do not care about the score if there is no actual review next to it. this is more like a preview.