iCasual: Mafia Wars

Today on The Portable Gamer's iCasual game review podcast series, Michelle covers Mafia Wars. New iCasuals are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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bgrundman3024d ago

I am sick of getting emails from people playing the game.

CrAppleton3024d ago

HAH! Seriously! Now we get to hear about it on the iPhone..

CrAppleton3024d ago

Games like this would be better if you actually got to PLAY.. rather than just click a button that says DO JOB

roblef3024d ago

I felt the same way. Then I actually started to PLAY it. It's rather addictive.

Neco5123024d ago

Yeah, I'm not a fan of these games. No action + all text = boring

ReBurn3024d ago

I don't know. It can get addicting pretty quickly. It's a good time killer.

roblef3024d ago

I really dig this game, and the other one, iMob. I wish this one would integrate with Facebook, though

jjesso19933024d ago

i am so addited to this on facebook lol

ReBurn3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yeah, me too. Want to join my mafia? Heh.

wizzle523024d ago

Facebook version is the best one.

Garuntee there will be something on this that states

Join my mafia followed by 2 links ;)