The Portable Gamer Review: Real Tennis 2009

TPG writes: "With Wimbledon currently reaching its conclusion, the tennis courts around the country will soon return to their usual semi-vacant state. As expectations and hope for a British champion rise each year, the courts tend to get busier than at any other time of the year, especially considering the British weather and its tendency to rain most of the year. Thankfully for armchair tennis fans such as myself, there are always video games that allow us to play tennis without having to worry about a distinct lack of ability in the sport. Real Tennis 2009 from Gameloft has come along to try and show that excellent tennis games aren't just for consoles and portable gaming systems, but also for the iPhone and iPod Touch."

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Neco5123385d ago

Thank God they didn't try to do what iSamurai did and force people to swing their iPhones around

CrAppleton3385d ago

Boy that's the truth.. I wasn't too happy with that one. Though it doesn't look like they made the controls that much better

roblef3385d ago

Well, then, how exactly is it "REAL" tennis?

Neco5123385d ago

The game looks great, too bad the controls aren't spot on though

CrAppleton3385d ago

Sounds like this game has potential though.. wonder if there's anyway to fix the buggy controls through an update?

CrAppleton3385d ago

Where's Virtua Tennis for the iPhone? Come on SEGA!

bgrundman3385d ago

Hopefully it is better than virtua tennis