iPhone 3G vs. 3GS: Developers Speak Up

iPhone gaming is huge and it's here to stay. In fact, in just the few months since March, the number of games on the App Store has more than doubled from 6,000 to over 13,000. The launch of the new iPhone 3GS further spurred iPhone's gaming momentum, as over a million units of the phone were sold in just three days, and the total is likely far greater now.

The fact that the new 3GS offers faster loading speeds and a faster processor is no doubt exciting for game developers, who always enjoy having extra power to work with. But the vast majority of the iPhone user base (more than 17 million) does not have the 3GS. So coming at this from a business angle, should iPhone developers be worried about a split market on the App Store? Should game makers develop games for the much more limited 3GS installed base, or do they continue to create for the lowest common denominator?

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