Hori arcade stick status update

Before Mad Catz and their SE and TE Fight Sticks, there was Hori. They are the most reputable arcade stick manufacturer because of their quality and reliability. Mad Catz, before making the new fight sticks, had quality issues and is still a bit of an issue, but their fight sticks are still quite nice and solid.

After the release of Street Fighter IV, let's just say that all sticks were hard to come by, especially for retail price. After about five months, Hori just recently released a batch of Hori Real Arcade Pro EX and Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, available now on Amazon and Arcade Shock. Now is a good chance to grab a Hori stick, but if you're patient a bit longer, you can get a hold of the Special Edition for X360 and Special Addition for PS3.

Here's some information regarding the two 'Special' sticks: Special Editions are Hori cases with Seimitsu parts. The joystick is an LS-32 and pushbuttons are PS-14G and PS-14D snap-ins. On the other hand, the Special Additions are Hori cases with Sanwa parts. The joystick is a JLF and pushbuttons are OBSF snap-ins. Both feature quick disconnects for ease of modification.

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