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himdeel2963d ago I can get Prince of Persia or Lego Batman.

N4GAddict2963d ago

Oblivion GOTY (PS3) is a steal.

pangitkqb2963d ago

is a freakin steal. I know, I've played through the whole dang thing and loved every second.

I recommend that ANYONE that hasn't played Oblivion yet pick it up now.

Force Unleashed for 20 aint bad either.

Raptor2962d ago

I already own Oblivion, the regular version on PS3.

Bought it for $17

I am pondering buying the Game of the Year edition for the Shivering Isles expansion.

....Shivering Isles costs $30 on PSN what a joke...

likedamaster2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Oblivion PS3 is a great deal but I have it for 360 including all DLC. I also copped PoP for PC looks phenomenal. Love the artstyle for PoP. I'm thinking Force Unleashed or NBA 2k9 really.

himdeel2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

...consider purchasing a game or two during this sale if you've held out on purchasing some of these titles. Getting POP for about $11 with a trade ins is a pretty good deal. I was going to get Ninja Gaiden Sigma for $17 used but decided on POP since the price for NGS will still be $17 after this sale but POP is going back up to its usual $30-$40 price tag.

Beast_Master2962d ago

Or wait till it is around 5 dollars? Plus if anyone has Ultimate Alliance for PSP please let me know if that is worth a pick up as well, I have not played the PS3/360 version.

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EvilTwin2963d ago

The Hitman Trilogy is tempting me.

Might pick up de Blob, too.

likedamaster2962d ago

If Hitman bloodmoney for 360 was there I'd get it. Still sells for $35 used. :/

N4GAddict2963d ago

The sale is actually for 83 games.

Reibooi2963d ago

Yeah isn't that false advertising or something along those lines?

locos852963d ago

No. They say they have thousand's of games for under $20, which is true, Click the link at the bottom of the gamestop page.

Sitdown2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

they could simply have a thousand copies of one game under $20 and it would be true...but in this case, they have so many games from various generations that easily make it true.

KionicWarlord2222963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Muhahahah good games.

Iu,oblivion,shawn white,hawx,final fantasy XII,nba 2k9,mlb 2k9,Force unleash and a lot of other unmentioned.

guitarded772963d ago

Shows Bionic Commando at $49.99 for PS3, I hope that's a typo.

locos852963d ago

click on it and it shows NEW is 19.99, used is 49.99

guitarded772963d ago

Yeah, I just saw that while poking around the site. I think I'll pck up BC, Prince of Persia and HAWX while they are on sale, I have the rest of the PS3 games I like on the list.

Cenobia2963d ago

Well, that makes sense...

I was going to rent it, but at that price I might as well buy it (after I check to see if its actually any good).

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