Blue Dragon Content Download

During the Blue Dragon meeting at GDC it was revealed that the first downloadable content for the game was going to be a random dungeon creator. Today, Microsoft announced that this content update would be ready to go live on April 27th. The download will cost 300 Microsoft points, which is $3.75.

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Honeal2g4258d ago

i like this alot i miss games like this

PS360WII4258d ago

Random dungeons creator? Oh yeah I'm liking this ^^

Evil Rant Monkey4257d ago

They haven't even released the game and mentioning already having a content download. I realize companies have been doing this, but to publicly announce that your doing this. Before the game is even released! Why wouldn't they just insert this into the game before they release it? I don't really understand the whole point of content download unless it's work that has been done after the game has been released.

BIadestarX4257d ago

Relax, that's downloable content is for Japan. It will most likely come in the Disk for the American Release.

GameJunkieJim4257d ago

The games already on 2 DVD9's, and the random dungeons are probably going to take up a good chunk of space per dungeon.

It may be getting released as DLC in order to ensure you have a HD available for the random dungeons.

_insane_cobra4257d ago

First of all, it won't be included on the disc, it's definitely DLC. Secondly, the game is on 3 discs, not 2. And finally, those dungeons won't necessarily take up a lot of space, they're RANDOM, procedurally generated on the fly from premade assests.

GameJunkieJim4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Meant to say 3*, not 2.

In any case, yes the dungeons will be made using premade assets, but one would assume that if you wanted to save an incomplete one, (I.E. before you're finished) you can do so. Since there could potentially be more than 512 MB depending on how the dungeon compiled, it seems that the feature is just intended to ensure a HD is available.