Sony developing 200GB PS3 writes:

"After sending out e-mails, instant messages, making a few phone calls, and doing a ton of reading through Sony's research and development charts, I found out that a 120GB model was in the works, but would not be a good choice considering the recent upgrade to the Xbox 360 of the same size -- not to mention the PS3's lifespan needs to incorporate a larger drive for future needs. A 200GB hard drive fits this model that Sony wants to offer.

A few other drives have been tested in between this 120 to 200GB range, but 200 seems to be the magic number. While that is thoughtful of Sony, it is also a little disappointing that they missed this when creating a console supposedly having a 10-year shelf life. The price point of the PS3 was in fact a large part of the reason. I am assuming that Sony is under the impression that we want to spend more. The U.S. market shows this with just under 10% of the PS3s being purchased at the lower price point."

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CyberSentinel4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

PS3 Elite $ lemmings, run.

Hurry, before they discontinue the 60gig next!

We WILL have a price drop before you, AND THEN see where the PoS3 sits.

Blind Lemmings, All Talk, No Buying.

MikeGdaGod4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

you hate the ps3 yet you're the first comment on every ps3 story. [email protected] it must suck to be you.

EDIT: i know you disagree lame

stingray91914261d ago

I agree but arent lemming MS fanboys and cows sony fanboys

weekapaugh4261d ago

there is a phrase cyber says more them lemmings each day.

would you like fries with that?

kamakazi4261d ago

look at how cuber monkey dances to the tunes of PS3 news, good monkey always the first to comment.

ErcsYou4261d ago

quick, buy a elite before your 360 breaks again. "reminder" get a warranty longer than a year this time.

nix4261d ago

his job is to watch out for any enemies attacks. he does this dirty job as his commander-in-chief (we all know who) sleeps peacefully... good job sentinel.. hope they'll make you a major soon. q:

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BubblesDAVERAGE4261d ago

The 60 becomes the 20 and the 200 becomes the the 60. That would be the best ting ps3 could do right about now a 600 dollar system is expensive. Yet one that use to be 00 drop to 500 would be great.

PS360PCROCKS4261d ago

why sony? drives are cheap enough to get one yourself

techie4261d ago

dude. I don't see what the problem is. Put in a bigger drive for the same price. They don't follow Microsoft's lead and raise the price. The price will be the same or lower...that's what you do in a consoles life, you improve it and lower the price eg. slim ps2

GameJunkieJim4261d ago

I don't see any other reason for it, since sony doesn't offer a movie or iptv service.

HandShandy4261d ago

What kind of an idiot would buy that?

I have kitted out my PS3 with a 160gig HDD now from my old laptop - no money spend. Wasn't the whole idea of having a universal removable drive to avoid the issue of introducing a new Sku?