Resident Evil 5 Wii "Possible"

NowGamer: A Capcom Producer has said that a Nintendo version of the zombie-shooter is technically possible, albeit with inferior visuals.

At a recent preview of the new Resident Evil lightgun title for Wii, Darkside Chronicles, games asked chief producer Masachika Kawata whether Resident Evil 5 would ever make it to Nintendo's miraculous white box.

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ape0073450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

half as good on wii

those graphics are real next gen

amazing game,gameplay should've been tweaked a bit like modern games but the game is simply a must buy,the gameplay itself is deeply satesfying and enjoyable

9.4 out of 10,well done capcom

the game will miss a lot on wii

Greywulf3450d ago

They could make it, look at the newest Resident Evil wii game, looks better than most multiplats to begin with. RE5 didn't exactly have hordes of 1000 zombies on screen, or even sick dynamics.. its pretty safe to say it could be done with better controls on the Wii.

The hardcore audience doesn't seem to be there for the Wii though.

GVON3450d ago

what it will miss in graphics it will gain in controls,RE4 wii edition is the reason I didn't get 5 because it was a backwards step,nothing the next gen version had could beat the feeling of aiming were you wanted,pulling off multiple headshots in a blink of a eye.

mastiffchild3450d ago

RE4 is a MILES better game than RE5 and was best with motion controls on the Wii. You would lose some fidelity in the gfx but it would still look pretty good and as a trade off that's fine by me.

I thought the SP of RE5 was totally sacrificed, not by the controls, but by the forced bloody co-op so if they just removed all responsibility for Sheva(or her altogether)the core game(as RE IS a SP experience at heart and really should have been for RE5 on PS360 too. Sheva's AI was cack on HD consoles so on Wii would be worse o he'd prolly have to go anyway and thiough the co-op onine was a laigh it was NEVER going to feel like survival horror was it?

I realise some people, a lot of people enjoyed Resi 5 but for me it was a terrible game, a four out of ten if I'm really honest

So drop the gfx quality and Sheva and it's a winner for me-less is more and with those controls maybe even the totally weak and completely pointless(and also it was such a rip off)VS mode would work. A bit.

I didn't trade UC, didn't trade Outbreak-in fact I still have EVERY RE game I ever bought(and with GC remake etc that's lots!)but I traded RE5 a week after buying the damn thing(one and a half run through on co-op and just one on the awfully frustrating SP-without a good connection it's totally worthless-and have only managed five minutes of Vs at a mates)-which says it all to me. Losing the crap along with some graphical sheen would probably, imo, force a good game out of RE5.

Sorry Ape, I know you to be a true and honest, passionate gamer but here we'll have to agree to differ, sadly. I wanted so much for RE5 to be a classic, waited for it with baited breath for, literally years so to finally get something like the trye SP game RE, imo, should be would be fantastic and Wii is the only, slim, chance I have left!

Greywulf3450d ago

as far as a resident evil game goes..

as far as yet another dumb shooter with co-op? It did very well! But re5 could have been any "horror" game. had no Re spirit at all, or strategy even.

ThanatosDMC3450d ago

RE5 barely had boss fights worth calling boss fights.

Leon > Chris

RE4 > RE5

Wesker > Lord Saddler

Ada > Sheva

I'm still WTFed about Sheva not freaking out about the monsters she saw.

Raptor3449d ago

"Graphics don't make a game, the gameplay does. As WiiFit and other Wii Titles sales show."

Must be why Wii has the lowest play rate of all of the consoles amirite?

Wii sells well because its cheap, not because its amazingly inventive.

I bought a Wii too. Most people have them, they just don't play them. They get boring after a month.


Graphics are just as important as gameplay sir.

Quit making excuses just because the Wii looks like crap.

If GAMEPLAY is truly the most important, why don't you go play PONG or TETRIS? Those games have no graphics, but have the best gameplay!

Perfect for you!

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Gr813450d ago

Even care about this game anymore? It is probably the worst game in the main series, maybe edging out 3,

phantomexe3450d ago

amen to that.This RE didn't even feel like a RE game.I say let the ps360 guys have this RE.When it came out i had to have it for the ps3 and let me tell ya it does not feel like RE IMO.My brother liked it but said it wasn't very good other then the co-op.

-MD-3450d ago

The only good thing about RE5 was the fact that Jill was in it other than that though it was a pretty mediocre game in a fantastic series.

SinnedNogara3450d ago

I liked it until they started adding crappy, gimmicky, and un-enjoyable puzzles in Chapters 4-1, through 4-3. I also don't like how Sheva apparently has a mental disorder.

No one really cares. Anyone who gives it a 10 is very tolerant or very defensive (or stubborn).

EvilTwin3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

“Hypothetically speaking, the Resident Evil 4 engine would work perfectly for replicating the gameplay but we would never be able to recreate the graphical quality” Kawata explained. “A gun shooting game like Darkside Chronicles makes much more sense for Wii so, in short, Resident Evil 5 Wii Edition isn’t likely to happen.”

It's not likely to happen, period.

The headline ought to be "hypothetically possible, but unlikely." But hey, who wants to be accurate?

(Yeah, yeah, Kawata tried to backtrack, but you aren't going to shoe horn the on-rails engine into a TPS when you already have a perfectly good TPS in place.)

It's hypothetically possible, but Capcom is too lazy to use the RE4 engine (which isn't a bad looker, RE4 has aged well) to make a game that's worth a damn.

Monteblanco3450d ago

I am sure it can be done and can even looks good, within the WIi capabilities. I am not sure Capcom is up to the task, though.

vx3450d ago

da game sucks badly anyway da worst of RE series,, actually not even a RE just da name iz,

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