Battlefield 1943 launches but whos playing?

Battlefield 1943 launched earlier today for Xbox users. For those who got it early were able to find a good of amount of games and a fun Xbox Arcade game.

Downside now, is nobody is able to play, they have stated that they are adding extra severs, but many players have found themselves losing connection, lag, and just not being able to find any games


Dice is still adding severs causing many issues. Hopefully things can get up and running by tonight .

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Nelson M3422d ago

Were you get No connection, lag, and not able to find a game
All for 50 Bucks

glennc3422d ago

just follow the OfficialBF1943 twitter for updates if you are having problems. it seems to be the servers or data center or something (don't really know what i'm talking about) in europe.

the launch has been a bit of a c0ck up. i couldn't even find the game to download until i went to and even then only when i typed it in the search bar. and then i couldn't play it because of lag.

gave me a chance to play around in the tutorial though so still got to blow some sh!t up. looks like it is going to be pretty cool.