Gamespot: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Hands-On Preview

After appearing in numerous PC and console titles, Ubisoft and developer Capybara Games are bringing the Might and Magic universe to the Nintendo DS. Clash of Heroes takes place in the fantasy world of Ashan, a land populated by elves, knights, wizards and necromancers. The game features several playable characters, but you'll learn the ropes as the elvish warrior Anwen, and we recently spent some time with him for our first hands-on preview.

The game's story certainly starts with a bang. A link to the parallel demon world of Sheogh has been opened during a recent lunar eclipse, and it has plunged the peaceful Ashan into darkness. The forces of good once held a powerful weapon known as the Blade of Binding which bends the will of demons to that of the sword's master, however in the game's opening sequence this is stolen and it's up to you to find it before it's too late.

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