appVersity: Dirt Moto Racing Review

appVersity writes: "For those familiar with Aqua Moto (or even Clusterball Arcade) you already know that the devs put a lot of time and polish into their games. If you aren't… trust me, they put a lot of work into their games and it shows. You'll find that same attention to the details here.

First off, the game looks great. Everything you'd want to find is on the screen. From the tire tracks in the sand to the rich background to the other racers ahead of you jumping into the air (okay, maybe we don't like to see people ahead of us, but at least it looks cool), it's all there.

Dirt Moto has good looking ATVs, riders, and even four unique environments to race in (British Colombia, Death Valley, Toronto, and The Florida Keys), and you get day and twilight version of each. I have to admit that I never thought of Toronto as a hot bed for ATV riding, but I'm sold now."

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