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The Videogame Wars - TCM's BigSmooth8 puts out an editorial piece on Fanboys and the Console War. "One morning I was sitting at my desk having a cup of coffee and reading an article about the fall and mistakes of the PS3. The article was written by what we now describe as a "Fanboy" and we tend to also identify them with a prefix of the console or brand that they are defending."

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Anon19743447d ago

I remember growing up, my friend had an Intellivsion, I had a Atari 2600. The idea that one was better than the other never crossed our minds, we were just happy to visit each other and play new games.
Same with Nintendo and Sega. It was great to go over to one friends house and play Zelda, and then he'd come over and play Sonic for hours at my place.
There was always some kid that would say "Genesis is better than crappy Nintendo," but they were usually written off. Who cared? They both had great games.

Now we hit this gen, and for some reason it doesn't matter that all systems have great games - it's now a matter of fanatic pride for some while for always has been and always will be about the games.

randomwiz3447d ago

well, between friends, you don't hate someone because they only have this console, cause friends don't talk trash about someone having a different console.

There's nothing wrong with 1-console owners, its the ones that talk trash about the other to make themselves feel better.

N4g_null3447d ago

I'm not sure how old you are but if you knew older gamers with PC you could pretty much take the HD arguments and sub out there console names. Atari , nintendo and even the genesis was kiddy. If you where not playing ultima and wing commander or descent some thing was wrong with you. If you asked these guys to play games with you they would try and find away out of it LOL.

This is why you see so many wii owners complaining about the other fanboys. We actually like the other systems too it's just, I'm sure just like how I liked the PC back in the day we are more open to games that certain sections of gaming which is excepted by older gamers out of fear that they are playing a kids toy.

It's really weird but it is like a nerd calling some one a bigger nerd they they are. That doesn't really make sense to me.

ChozenWoan3446d ago

Back in my day, I had a Sega Master system and a C64c, while my friend had a NES. We would talk mad head about each other's system and games, especially while playing them, and then head over to the other's house and do it some more. Back then it was all about the gaming and friendly competition. Today, you can get away with talking all kinds of trash about someone's mom but you better not say a negative thing about their system... especially if it's true.

I blame the internet, it not only gives people a soap box to preach from, but it also gives them enmity from the usual repercussions of inflammatory speech. Add to that the ability to selectively avoid reading something contrary to one's ideals and agendas, and it's no wonder the art of debate is lost in this setting. Everyone is talking and No one is listening. So everyday the same crap gets tossed back and forth until we all are knee deep in it. Almost makes you not even want to turn on your comp and log into N4G... almost but the drama is so good here so I'll see you all later...

Same bat time, Same bat forums.

EvilTwin3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Some brand loyalty is due to quality, I think. If you love Zelda, you'll trust Nintendo to make one each gen that makes purchasing the Big N console worthwhile.

And you can't deny genre preference, either. The N64 was the FPS king before Halo blew up on X Box. Games are a "what have you done for me lately?" industry (just ask Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari, etc.). And some people are just going to rag on something they view as inferior.

Me? I'm happy with what I have, a Wii, PS2 and PC (a quickly aging PC). And I have a friend with a 360, which gave me a fix for Bioshock.

N4g_null3447d ago

Seriously I have no brand loyalty at all. I buy what I like. If panasonic came out with a system called the gattica LOL and it had sweet 2d games dripping with game play I would buy it in a heart beat.

Seriously I believe it is a matter of time before MS and SONY find the talent they need to be a nintendo yet on a different side of the spectrum. They just don't understand you have to make hardcore games they people can get good at yet make hardcore games that the casual will get hooked on. I really think people believe in the stereotypes way too much. Prejudging people can and will have negative effects on artistic creation and product development. It's a disservice to your own fans.

Hey opinion turn into fact but seriously some of these conversations are for people in the industry. The hype about the PS3 being more powerful actually hurt it because it's like saying a mac is more powerful just because of it OS when PC use the same exact chips.

Pr is loving this gen and for a long time SONY has had the best PR guys which have been the developers them selves in most cases.