Best Buy discount offers $20 off PS3, Xbox 360 titles

Best Buy Co. Inc. this week began offering $20 off select game titles for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

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TheHater3330d ago

I will be getting Eat Lead. Easy platinum :)

VeNoMx73329d ago

I'd rather buy MS points lol. At least then I could buy the new WaW maps or a decent arcade game...

DirtyLary3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Truly pathetic. Trophies making your gaming decisions, haah.

So much for the love of the game.

Instead it's all an epeen brags that only other obsessed kids would even care about.

Janitor3329d ago

Ebay is still king for low priced games.Just snagged a copy of Dead Space (PS3) for $17.99 shipped.BOOYAH!