Design the BioShock Limited Edition Box

2k Games:

"Yes, you read that correctly. It started with an online petition from a fan on the 2K forums, imploring us to make a BioShock limited edition. 19,692 signatures later, I opened up a poll on the Cult of Rapture asking BioShock devotees what they would like to see in the box.

Now I ask you, what would you like ON the box?"

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nice_cuppa4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

get one of your artists to do it !

did you disagree with my sarcasm ?

sorry i forget some people dont get it !

grifter0244260d ago

This is pretty nice... At lesat 1 dev reaches out to the Consumers thats nice.. 2k should get back into the Football Genre since they could make a better game then Madden has been doing this past couple of iterations.. But At least they did this for the fans its nice...

gta_cb4260d ago

well i spose if non of the designs are good enough, then they will make one themselves.

P.S. @grifter024 yeh i agree its good to get more of the public involved

Ps30074259d ago

Thats my opinion. If I could even say $1 not buying the box i would. They are useless to me.

Manuals use to be cool but now they are like 2 pages. With 1 page full of advertisements for their next game.

LAME.. Design your own stuff.