Madden 10 Demos Dated

Finalized dates for the two different Madden 10 demos that will be coming to the 360 and PS3. Gamestop preorders get their extended demo a week earlier than the traditional demo.

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JonahFalcon3054d ago

I'm really hoping Madden 10 isn't MOTS.

Gamer_Politics3054d ago

i'll be waiting to test out this demo

JeffGUNZ3054d ago

If you bought Madden 09 you already have Madden 10. It's basically the same game plus one minor change.

JonahFalcon3054d ago

Absolutely NOT. There's a ton of changes. If you'd been following 10's development for more than 15 minutes, you'd know that.

JeffGUNZ3054d ago

Dude, it plays out like the same game every year.

jonnyp7773038d ago

...If you want it without pre-ordering, go to and get it.