Final Fantasy Gaiden Update

Square Enix's latest gaming countdown ended earlier this week with the unveiling of Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden. That unveiling came with relatively little information about the game, but thanks to this week's Famitsu we've got a few more precious details.

As previously revealed, you play as Brand, a character who's just come of age and heads off to the castle to meet the king. There, he learns that the king's daughter has been kidnapped by the Witch of the North, and he's tasked with saving her.

Famitsu reveals that Brand's big birthday is his 14th one, meaning the cast of FF Gaiden will likely be young all around.

Going further in depth on the story, the magazine also got commentary from director Takashi Tokita, who said that the game's theme is about the travels of an adventure. He also said to expect dragons (which shouldn't come as a surprise given the huge dragon at the official site) and crystals to play a major part in the story.

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SpoonyRedMage3447d ago

Awesome, can't wait for this game and I'm ignoring the haters. I hope the multiplayer will be single card so people can just control one of my characters but hardly any games support single card.

PS360WII3447d ago

Oh random battles even :) Crystals will play a big role and we'll see some dragons. Sounds like a solid start

poopsack3447d ago

I'll just wait for Final Fantasy Gaiden Sigma, the enhanced version for PSP XD

SpoonyRedMage3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I don't know whether you're serious but despite Rockstar's actions it's unlikely to happen.

@V: Yer I know he was referring to Ninja Gaiden I wasn't sure whether he thought it'd be ported to the PSP though.

Briyen3447d ago

he's just making a joke refering to ninja gaiden

not that whole rockstar leeds makeing the psp gta

poopsack3447d ago

it was just a joke cause of ninja gaiden, im not realy expecting this to drop on PSP. :)

RiceBoy3447d ago

mh for ds!! =P hope they fix the lag problems kuz on crystal chronicles it was laggy as hell!

SpoonyRedMage3447d ago

Which one, Ring of Fates or Echoes of Time? I never tried Ring of Fates but I never have trouble with Echoes of Time...

One of my friends has had trouble with it though. What's your connection like?