Diablo III Losing LAN for Piracy Reasons?

Last week a furor erupted over the news that Starcraft II would be cutting LAN play. The reasons were unknown, but it was made very clear that Blizzard didn't feel committed to providing the option in their RTS. Now, in a shocking (and yet slightly predictable) turn, rumors are rumbling that Diablo III may also lose LAN play as well.

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Foxton013422d ago

Well rather remove LAN than put some freakish DRM in the game like many other pc developers choose.

I don't mind using battlenet at all.

WeeMadBadger3422d ago

Hmm... That divides things into 2 kinds of people. Those that want MP and those that don't care. Now, if I don't care about MP what should I do? Should I buy the game and support their corporate greed and removing features from the game I paid for (I'm more likely to play over LAN than online)? Or should I download the game instead as an act of protest, to show them that I don't like if someone screws with me?

That's a tough choice, isn't it? Or maybe not so...

dktxx23422d ago

If someone stole something that you worked hard on, and you did everything you could to stop it, does that really make you greedy?

Blizzards not a greedy company, if they were, we'd have diablo 5 by now.

TheIneffableBob3422d ago

Y'know, downloading the game isn't really going to hurt them. You'd just be justifying their decision to remove LAN.

MEsoJD3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

DRM is an insult.

Seriously just make a good game.

I would buy it. But its sh!t like this that makes me want to pirate.

evrfighter3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

This won't bother me now because Diablo 3 was always a must buy. But Diablo is a lan favorite. There are lots of pc gamers who would never care about Diablo but end up going to a lan party where diablo is title they'd end up playing. They'd probably like it a lot and end up buying it. Who knows...

Diablo and Starcraft were always two games on PC that people bought...It won't be hard for techies to emulate a and get around it. Much like how people emulate the rank servers for bf2 to get all unlocks on cracked servers.

I've created WoW servers for LAN parties so that we could get all the best gear combined with the builds we wanted. We would then duel tournament style to see if that was the way we wanted to go ingame. It made for great pvp practice also.

I guarantee you. LAN's will still happen as long there's someone there that's tech savvy and know's even just a tiny bit about sql databases.

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Jhun3422d ago

The majority of gamers that play D2, and will play D3 will use Bnet anyway. Diablo LAN parties are not as common as SC.

jakethesnake3421d ago

I played way more D2 than starcraft/warcraft 3, but I never played on LAN like I did with both starcraft and warcraft. I don't care about the removal of LAN from D3 (even though I am way more excited about D3 than starcraft), but I still think starcraft 2 will be missing something without the LAN functionality.

tehk1w13422d ago

Is it cool, Blizzard?

Definitely not cool. F-you for even suggesting that we'd smile and play along with your utter BS. You're trying to protect sales, which is your right, but don't shaft over legitimate customers, piss in our pockets and tell us it's raining.

We want LAN play, and it's nothing short of absolute bull crap that we're going to be missing a vital component in Star Craft 2 just because you're afraid of the inevitable.

Grow a pair, man up, and take a lesson from Stardock. Demigod got pirated to hell and back, but at least the developers made it pretty clear they were there for the gamers and not for the bucks.

FantasyStar3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I couldn't agree more. I spent the better of my Starcarft days playing LAN on the school computers.

moe843422d ago

Want in one hand, sh!t in the other, and see which one fills up faster? I'll wait...

They aren't taking anything away from you. The game isn't even out yet. If they had gone and taken LAN support out of existing games, that would be one thing. But this/these are fresh new games.

Buy it, or don't
The lack of LAN sucks, but you still have a way to play your friends. The whole "zomg I have to have online to play friends?!?!" attitude is more bullsh!t than the lack of LAN.

The games will be great, and be loved by millions. We all know this.

WeeMadBadger3422d ago

Maybe the LAN support will show up as a DLC :P You'd have to pay $30 for the unlock code and it will turn out that the functionality is already there! That would be the sign of our times... Progress!

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