BF1943 Launches, Has Laaaaaag

Battlefield 1943 launched on XBLIVE today but all is not sunny in Europe where server packet issues are causing lag for many gamers.

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Solans Scott3329d ago

Everything goes smoothly for the Ps3 launch tomorrow.

creeping judas3329d ago

Don't hold your breath. As this is an EA game, and you have to play on their servers. There is not one EA game that has run smoothly online day one!

y0haN3329d ago

Yeah we have online systems (XBL and PSN) but you have to make an EA account for no reason, and they completely underestimated the demand.. of a Battlefield game..

Carl14123329d ago

You have to use EAs useless account system? :(

talltony3329d ago

if its because Live has been having problems lately. I dnt know I wonder if the ps3 version will have the same problems. We'll see tommorrow I guess.

Jinxstar3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

@ Creeping judas.

Burnout paradise did. Oh but I'm sure you didn't mean "Any" game. Probably shooters because... I think fight night 4 works pretty well too... I do agree though. I bet EA, MS and Sony are all in for a lot of people DLing this game. much more then anticipated...

3329d ago
y0haN3329d ago

They are EA's servers you ignoramus.. lol

evrfighter3329d ago

How nostalgic. Takes me back to the bf2 days...

orange-skittle3329d ago

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! EA's servers are horrendous. Who knows when this will get fixed. You cant even log on to a game. There's a ticker scrolling that says that the servers are at full capacity and you cant play. If that's the case GIVE ME MY PHUCKIN MONEY BACK! It's an online only game for christs sake and I cant even play it online? I am sure PS3 will have the same message tomorrow. Good Luck. If you want this D/L wait a week, it's not going anywhere

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

I downloaded it for the PC. I personally think it sucks. It takes forever to kill somebody. I mean, you can seriously take three nades to the face and live. But die in one tank explosion???

They need to make it feel like BF2. The character animations are just horrible.

They should have made it feel like Warhawk. I mean, they all ready copied the idea of a flak gun why screw up the gameplay. Too cartoony in my opinion.

evrfighter3329d ago

"I downloaded it for the PC. I personally think it sucks"

Wow that's not a blatant lie...

the pc version isn't even gonna be out for awhile. Hell there's not even alpha versions of it available for torrent...

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

You're right! Nvm, what i downloaded was Battlefield Heroes.


But anyway, i hope it doesnt play like Battlefield Heroes then.

evrfighter3329d ago

I apologize for comin off as a jacka$$ I kinda had the feeling you were mistaking it for heroes. If this wasn't n4g I would have known for sure it was a simple mistake.

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tehk1w13329d ago

You mean a EA game (and a Battlefield title at that!) isn't running smoothly on launch day!??!?! No wai!

Battlefield: Bad Company was practically unplayable for almost a month after launch. Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if 1943 has the same issues.

SpitFireAce853329d ago

this game had dedicated servers? correct me if im wrong

Kamikaze1353329d ago

Online games on the PS3 have dedicated servers.

creeping judas3329d ago

When you play an EA game on your xbox, you are actually playing on EA servers and not peer to peer.

Marceles3329d ago

I guess no one ever notices the big "Connecting to EA Servers" before the start of every EA game they start playing?

y0haN3328d ago

It's not peer to peer it's still client server but the server is a user connection. Most PS3 games are also like this.

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Drealmcc0y3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

The first couple of rounds had lag that made it unplayable, but I just had like 10 rounds of lagless awesomness. However the last half hour i havent been able to play at all, it says it cant find a game.

MiloGarret3329d ago

Here's a link to the official update thread on the EA forum with some info.


Rowsdower3329d ago

day 1 multiplayer game has lag when tons of people try to play at the same time

especially a $15.00 game during this crap recession

things will clear up go read a book about actual WW II heroes if your bored, or call a relative or friend and make plans.

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