Why do Some Predict the PS3 Slim Will Be Cheaper?

PS3 Informer Writes:

"The problem is that - as the PSP Go has shown us - smaller and cheaper rarely go together. If anything, we would expect that the introduction of a PS3 slim model would cause the price of existing stock to go down, but we are highly suspect of any price reduction in new hardware. Since Backwards Compatibility and a few USB ports were removed in the budget version, there really isn't anything left for Sony to cut from the existing configuration to make it less expensive. And no, unlike apartments and diamonds, processors do not get cheaper when they get smaller. This could be a major reason why Sony was reluctant to show off the PS3 slim hardware at E3, fearing that price, rather than size, remains the number one issue for consumers."

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clinker3444d ago

Well, the PS2 slimline was introduced at basically the same price as the original PS2 hardware, which was subsequently lowered. I would expect the exact same pattern to happen here: PS3 Slim at 399, with the original gradually phased out and discounted to $299 or something.

But it is true that believing a PS3 Slim would somehow be the CHEAPER option is totally delusional.

StanLee3444d ago

But the PS2 was on the market for a much longer period before the PS2 slimline was introduced. We're barely two and a half years into the console's lifecycle. I really don't think a slim PS3 is a very good idea. The PS3 has no identity with the mass consumer; the console itself isn't mainstream recognizable. To introduce a redesigned SKU hurts more than it helps penetration. It's confusing to the consumer.

randomwiz3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

The thing is, they released the ps2 slim when they had success with the ps2 and they could afford to make it look more stylish. There is no reason for them to release a more expensive ps3 slim, because consumers don't care about the style of the ps3, they're looking for a price drop. No one pressured Sony for a price drop with the ps2 slim.

And they could make a cheaper ps3 slim, but it won't be much slimmer. Think about it. The original 90nm cell chip used 200 watts. The newer 45nm cell chips now use 80 watts. This means that the newer ps3's will be quieter and they will require less cooling, which means smaller, cooler, quieter ps3's.

La Chance3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Its only been 2 1/2 years and already a slim !? Its just too early.

In MY opinion the slim is going to cost as much as the PS3 and its just Sonys way to try to boost the sales a little because they probably cant afford a price cut.

locos853444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

PS2 slim came 3 years after launch, PSP slim came 3 years after launch. I wouldn't doubt a PS3 slim to come soon. This November will be year 3

@ Below:

Well depends on where you live. PS2 was released in the US in October 2000. Slim was released in November 2004. So that's 4 years 1 month. I was close. I didn't want to go into too much detail.

StanLee3444d ago

The PS2 was released in March 2000. The PS2 slim was released in November 2004, 4 years and 8 months after the PS2 launched.

mastiffchild3444d ago

Usually I'd give this some credence. Reducing size does mainly, for a while anyway, increase the cost of things.

However, why in the world with everyone and their wife moaning about the price of a PS3(hell even devs and pubs other than Activision are now doing it!)would Sony invest the extra resources at this time into making a dearer PS3? They just wouldn't.

All their efforts of late have been in seeing what can be cut and where they can get cheaper parts in an attempt to REDUCE the price for both Sony and the consumer. Would a dearer Slim PS3 be a nigger seller than what they already have? I doubt it in this economy-noone will want to pay more for something as minor as a size alteration with no extra features(and likely even fewer)that wasn't already happy to buy a normal PS3.

Imo, if it's gonna come it just MUST be cheaper or all Sony will do is waste the money they spent on R&D to make the slim [possible at all. If it arrives and IS dearer just watch the stink go up from the media-Sony would be hung out to dry. So, again, why make it if it's gonna be more expensive? On this occasion it makes little sense-and perhaps none at all.

Blaze9293444d ago

The PSP Go! is coming out...slimmer...smaller, less parts, been out for 5+ years....but coming out at $249.99? Who knows, for the ps3 slim it may not be cheaper at all. Cheaper for SONY but for us, hell no.

gaffyh3444d ago

@1.3 - The PS3 Slim is more of a way for Sony to cut their manufacturing costs. Uses less plastic and parts = cheaper to make = they can afford a price cut whenever.

I also said something like this, I think Sony will discount the normal PS3 by $50 when the Slim is announced. Get as many sales as possible, then when the PS3 Slim is released (at either $349, or $399) I think they will further discount the old one by $50 to completely get rid of stock.

Sitdown3444d ago

I am hoping you meant "bigger" seller.

Jaces3444d ago

Slims usually consist of less components (costing less to produce) that where not needed in the final build of the first version of the PS3, so I can see a price cut pretty soon.

I mean there's pretty much no other reason to make a smaller system, sure it's a plus being able to move it around and travel with it rather than that 20 pound monster that's out now..other than that I see no other reason to make a slim version.

Beast_Master3444d ago

I keep saying this and no-one listens... PSP Go is cheaper for them to make and they will make 100+ bucks for everyone they sell, which will be the buffer for whatever they lose on PS3/slim price cut. Sony already annouced a price cut at E3 when they said they would sell 13 million consoles in a year. Considering they are behind last years 10 million pace and only one system seller (GoW3) they have to cut price before Dec. Even if they release their second system seller (GT5) this fiscal year they will still not sell 13 mill without a price drop. It is coming, my guess is OCT 1.

Milky3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

The phat ps3 is sold at a loss at £300. The PS3 slim will be sold for a profit at £300.

If the slim was sold for £200 it would still be at loss (probably).

All Sony are trying to do is gain profit from every PS3 sold. I think the slim will do that for them by selling it at the current price.

sniper-squeak3444d ago

I hinted this in another post :)

phosphor1123444d ago

Less materials, less cost, more revenue. They would finally break even. Slim PS3 would support 45nm chip compared to the current 64(?)nm. That will result in less power consumption, meaning less heat, and less heat sink materials, leading to less costs. Not only that but the cell, XDR ram, and RSX have all become cheaper, not to mention hard drives and BD players. The cost will be so much less for Sony that they will eventually be able to drop the price.

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lloyd_wonder3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Because Sony forecasted 13mil PS3s sold this FY -- up from the 10mil sold last FY.


PirateThom3444d ago

I still say the phat will see a reduction and the slim introduced at the current phat price point and the slim only coming down once the phat is sold out.

Pennywise3444d ago

I think the slim will actually be cheaper because of features that will be excluded from the model.

It doesnt make sense for Sony to redesign their machine to just turn around and sell it at the same price all these people have been complaining about.

It HAS to be cheaper. That is the only reason Sony would be sinking more money into a new design. Just my thoughts.

kewlkat0073444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Seriously how much more could you strip the PS3?

Well besides the chip but Sony is still loosing money here...and is not making much of anything on the PS3. The economy does not help the situation.

Take Blu-Ray out and problems

locos853444d ago

Maybe they take out the WI-FI? But there is nothing left for them to take out. PS3 is not a PS3 without blu-ray.

Pennywise3444d ago

First off, its funny you say that being the PS3 has more features that your xbox.

Second - Its more of revised parts than stripping anymore. Slimmer bluray with a tray instead, cheaper material for the case, just re-engineered stuff to cut costs.

PirateThom3444d ago

Wi-fi won't go, it costs next to nothing and it gives Sony the "PSP/PS3 compatibility" edge.

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cyclindk3444d ago

Large cokes cost more than small cokes, same with fries, duh...

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