Don't judge the next Left 4 Dead 2 so soon, say Valve

Richard Walker writes: "In an interview conducted by my good self at last week's Left 4 Dead 2 event near London Bridge, Head spokesman for Valve Doug Lombardi told us that consumers shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement on the zombie shooting sequel until "we've put all our cards on the table."

Clearly Valve have big plans to ensure that both games enjoy a long and happy shelf life with speculation abound that the two titles will be cross compatible."

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Natsu X FairyTail3446d ago

better be or I'll be pissed since I'll be buying this.

-MD-3446d ago

What they've shown so far is enough to warrant a 60$ purchase so anything else I've yet to see is just icing on the cake.

Hopefully they have some cool surprises though.

vx3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

haha trying to justify the price eh? , da game is DLC game even the graphics are worse than BF1943 which cost $15, da game is max $20 and dat exra $40 iz a joke,,
anyway itz fun to make money out of pps like you cuz you make da life of others much more easier :D

Major_Tom3446d ago

Honestly, it just has crappy graphics on the Xbawks.

KionicWarlord2223446d ago

lol at the 2 people above.

It`s not dlc.

vx3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

itz actually worse than a DLC, diz iz L4D 1 with some changes here and there and rerelease it with da name L4D 2 LOL !! da 1st one not even out for 5months an now day releasing 2 ..oh plz even DLC takes more dan 5months,, but i think they are da most smartest developer..ill do da same thing they did EZ $$$$ they know u guys have no games atm so itz really smart move

Vx_3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

this zone is more fun and ppl speak the truth from the heart

-MD-3446d ago

So vx are you a rapper or just an idiot?

Vx_3446d ago

no um V X smart azz cant ya read da name ?! o.O!!

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mrv3213446d ago

If L4D1 mods work on it L4D2 can't be that much ahead of it, I must admit L4D 1 doesn't look too good, it has an old engine and they really should make a new one.

Raf1k13446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Yeh the Source engine is getting old but it hasn't stopped Valve making great games. As far as I know there will be a new engine with the release of Half-Life3 which is a long long way off as we've not heard anything about HL3:Ep3 in ages.

edit: Also, I think the petition against L4D2 has led to Valve trying to win over people by making more for the game than was originally planned.
I doubt they would have been trying to make L4D1 content compatible with L4D2 until recently.

Sarcasm3446d ago

I think valve is missing the point.

People aren't really that mad about L4D2, they are mad about not having that content on L4D1.

solar3446d ago

fun games deserve to be purchased. Valve makes fun games. so ill buy L4D2.

evrfighter3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

"I doubt they would have been trying to make L4D1 content compatible with L4D2 until recently. "

I would put every cent I have on that statement. The boycott is nearing 40k and no company wants to risk almost $2 million. no matter how small an amount it may seem to most of you. That's just bad business.

One of the MAJOR concerns for the boycott is that l4d2 would split the community. Now what does this statement by Doug tell you?

"We want to have the most elegant way possible to have those who own both (games) be connected with others who own both or to be able to play across (both)." Lombardi states in the full interview due on Strategy Informer later tonight."

Like I said before. These new announcements are the L4D boycott "Doin Work".

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clixx333446d ago

As long as current L4D owners get a discount on this new one, I'll be happy.

-MD-3446d ago

How exactly would a discount work for those of us that bought our copies on the 360?

While I'm all for that I don't see it happening.

Cajun Chicken3446d ago

Hey, d'ya know what's even funnier? On Steam you can play online for free!

Major_Tom3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )


I don't even wanna bring up what a disaster L4D is on Xbox 360 either, ugh. Not to mention some of the worst players I've personally ever encountered, sorry if that comes off a bit elitist.

HDgamer3446d ago

that's because steam is good. -nod-

Kushan3446d ago

It took steam YEARS to get to where it is today. Long before the Xbox even existed.

Major_Tom3446d ago

Steam relatively has been known for it's ease of use and so forth, the additional crap PC players generally don't care about came with time. The system works, even when it was prehistoric.

Raf1k13446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

That was uncalled for.
There's really no need to be taking cheap shots. (edit: I know what you said is true but there's really no need for it until some idiot pops along trying to make Live seem even better than it is)

About Steam though, it really is great. You don't need to have purchased a game on steam to be able to download it. I got UT3 and all I had to do was activate it on Steam. Now If I lose the disk I don't have to worry since I can simply download it :D.

I'm not sure if Live or PSN allow you to download the content you've paid for as many times as you like. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'd like to know.

-MD-3446d ago

"Hey, d'ya know what's even funnier? On Steam you can play online for free!"

That literally has nothing to do with this particular conversation.

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SKUD3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Whatever. Gonna wait till it hits the bargin bin. Just like madden.

ZombieAutopsy3446d ago

dont care if the graphics are the same i just want a new engine, please Valve get off ur asses and make a new one already

TheIneffableBob3446d ago

The current one works just fine. A bunch of games like BioShock 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are using Unreal Engine 2.5 and Quake 3 engine branches, so why aren't you complaining about those?

solar3446d ago

graphics mean nothing. FUN is where its at. kthxbye.

ZombieAutopsy3446d ago

i just feel like its out-dated, im not sure what it is about it. The thing that i guess gets me is you cant zoom in and it just feels old-school i guess you could say. Im not saying i didnt enjoy the game, i would just like to see an upgrade of the engine.

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