Jolt: Bayonetta Preview

A sexy British female protagonist, wearing tight-fitting garb, in a third-person action game? It isn't what you think. Rather, this is Bayonetta, the second game due out from Clover spin-offs PlatinumGames, now firmly ensconced at Sega. This is the latest title from Hideki Kamiya - who is on hand to take us through parts of this outlandish and action-packed adventure.

Playing as a long-legged, leather-clad witch (the titular Bayonetta, who sports guns strapped to her limbs), players are going to be drawing upon all manner of combat disciplines and weapons as they romp across a number of landscapes, from the predictable Devil May Cry-esque gothic castles to more hellish, apocalyptic stages, in which the gameplay will 'switch up' to match the setting.

While this game is clearly about flows of combat and movement at it's core, Kamiya-san is very keen to imbue the experience with meaning beyond just a fighting frenzy, so we'll be presented with an involving plotline that will be told via in-game sequences and flashbacks. If you think this looks good, some of the set piece action in the game also looks impressive, PlatinumGames delivering some epic environments, that come to life through some lovely visuals effects.

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