Telegraph: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Review

As the sixth Harry Potter film opens across the UK this week, it can be said that JK Rowling's adolescent wizard has finally conquered both the literary and cinematic mediums. However, fans are still waiting for the release of a video game which completely transports console owner to the dark and magical Harry Potter universe. EA have made several decent stabs at this, but the winning formula still eludes them. Sadly this is a trend that continues with the release of the video game adaptation of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, a game which, while far from terrible, will in no way capture the imagination of fans in same way that the books or films have.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the game is how incomplete the story feels. While it covers most of the major plot developments of the sixth book, it is by no means a faithful retelling. The action dots around a lot and Harry Potter fans are likely to be disappointed by how disjointed the end result feels.

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