PSPgo Cradle and Screen Protective Film now available for pre-order

For future PSPgo owners, a couple of the first PSPgo accessories from Sony are now available for pre-order. The PSP Go Cradle will be available for $29.99, out on October 1st, the same day as the PSPgo system. There will also be a 2-pack of PSPgo Screen Protective Film available for $9.99.

A description of the PSP Go Cradle:
"Dock your PSP go system to charge it, sync contents with your PC or use video-out to view on a big screen."

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LukaX233299d ago

Considering the Go is $250, they should at least make the screen glass...

RiceBoy3299d ago

i agree with you on that, aside from that isn't the psp go packaged with the actual cradle?

ThanatosDMC3299d ago

What about sapphire crystal or whatever they use on my expensive watches. But that'd probably jack up the price even more.

Giant_Chibi3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

the psp go doesn't have a glass screen?

Ninjamonkey3299d ago

Surely it does, I mean the old psp does doesnt it???

that would just be stupid otherwise.

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