Feature: Eight Reasons Why the Xbox 360 Elite Isn't Elite

On April 29, Microsoft will release their third flavor of 360 ice cream -- the black Xbox 360 Elite. Let's not be coy; the reason in adding a third, more expensive 360 is solely due to the existence of the $600 PS3. Since the inception of game consoles, prices have traditionally dropped with age, not increased. But If Sony can sell 3 million "supercomputers" in five months, why can't Microsoft?

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MikeMichaels4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Stop this madness!!!.....anyone a fan of video games anymore?!?!?

It seems everything posted about this industry is so negative regardless of the console. Can anyone report a story without some kind of "burn" behind it to stir up the fanboys and generate some hits. :(

N4G is probably responsible for launching half a dozen sites in the last year due to this nonsense "Eight Reasons Why the Xbox 360 Elite Isn't Elite"....stupid stupid stupid! Can't they just say, "Preview of the Xbox 360 Elite".

The average age of a gamer now days is approaching 30. Is there 1 site that can report gaming news in a mature way for us?

dantesparda4133d ago

Um, cuz,.. its, a... Xbox? LOL!!! Im just kidding and to MikeMichaels, to answer your question,... Umm, no! I feel your pain brother, but as i see it, gaming is the new politics for the known poloitically inclined. I doubt it will get better, but you never now

GaMr-4134d ago


anyways 2 of the dumbest mistakes ever I think Personally.

PS3's 20GB model

Xbox360 Elite model

BTW: MY April GaMr Girl deffly is killing the competition. You hear me Jin Kazama. lol

fury4134d ago

...a lot of @$$-avatars lately. GaMr are you setting new trends?

Extra Guy4134d ago

Thay just don't interest me, get some better pics of better bodies of better areas. They're all just dull

SmokeyMcBear4134d ago

don't be afraid of the @SS extra.. its a good thing.

MikeGdaGod4134d ago

most of the pics are wack, but Gamr's is clearly the best so far

i'll put my buddy in for pic of the month, not avatar, my girl would kill me

Wargasm4134d ago

I strongly disagree that the Ps3 20gig model was a mistake... i allowed people to save 100 dollars on a very expensive console while only losing Wifi. not everybody needs Wifi, and even if you did you could buy usb wireless adapter for MUCH less than $100... (i just found one at walmart for 20 bucks! what a deal).

I considered buying a Ps3, and i was going to get the 20 gig model and save some green.

The 360 Elite is a mistake, depending on how you look at it... if someone has alot of money and wants a 360 then the Elite is a surefire choice because it has Hdmi support and is just kinda cool. But as far as Price/Value i think it is kind of a rip off

Wargasm4134d ago

Before any of you buy a usb wireless drive for your 360/ps3 20, i just found out that usb wireless drives wont work for the consoles because consoles cant use the drivers for the usb (except for microsofts 360 version which is driverless). A wireless adapter that outputs a Ethernet cable will work though (which is what i use) but must be configured on your computer first and then moved.

marionz4134d ago

just goes to show how inmature the fanboys are, just think of that fat @ss doing a big dump...nice

WhEeLz4133d ago

i cant see how u can complain about that @ss man...gamr has the best @ss on n4g...(talkin about the avatar!) lmfao

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Phlapp4134d ago

The 'Elite' has a 120Gb HDD.

You will be able to buy this for your Core/Premium 360 anyway!

I really like the 360 (I'm lucky enough to have both PS3 and Premium 360) and I have a lot of respect for the 360 but all in all I'd have to agree with this article!

CyberSentinel4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

MS actually has the content to fill up those HDD's, the same can not be said for PSN. Unless, you consider "installing" your games to hard disk for quicker load times, as content.

Blind Lemmings, Simon Says....lemmings do.

@4.2 Here the difference 4.2, MS puts the "GAMES FIRST", multimedia last.

[email protected] puts its media (blu-ray) FIRST, multimedia SECOND, and games...LAST. Thats the difference.

Phlapp4134d ago

Not in Europe it doesn't (not yet anyway), no TV vids or movies here!

fenderputty4134d ago

plenty of stuff on my PS3 60 gig. Why does it have to only come from the PSN? BTW the PSN has been updated once a week for quite some time now. It's actually getting to become a nice little thing. Sigma is coming very very soon too.

Either way, you're justifying the Elite by claiming it's more then just a gaming machine. Which is lame on several levels. Frist being the PS3 is still a better media machine. Second being that you and every other fanboy has ripped the PS3 as being a media machine instead of a gaming one.

Sphinx4134d ago

with the year head start of course the 360 will have more things to download... but both of them can download more than what MS or Sony puts on their respective networks.

ASSASSYN 36o4134d ago

I can`t wait to get my elite. Especially with the trade in value of my premium.

XxZxX4134d ago

dude are you crazy, the trade in value for Premium XBOX 360 is a rip off. I rather have 2 XBOX 360 than trade in to Gamestop and make gamespot richer.

grifter0244134d ago

True Gamestop is ripping off the consumer but its better then nothing dont you think?? I might get this because of the Saved game films on Halo3.. Bigger harddrive might make it good or maybe just the thing to put the data on my Laptop.. Who knows... What I really didnt like about this whole "Article" is this... First he critises the Elite 360 for not being the most expensive product out there.. and at the end of the whole article he says "The only thing "elite" about Microsoft's new Xbox 360 is its price" SO what is it? What an Idiot.. He just ate his own words.. Dumb.. Plus he makes a point about color? Are you serious.. Wow...Then he says its not for Gamers are you serious.. A gaming Console is not for Gamers? Wow.. THat one shocked me.. Every other 360 owner is getting the shaft? How? They get almost everything the same expect the add ons.. Am I not going to be able to play new games since the Elite is totally different then my Launch 360?? The only 1 I actually agree with him is the Wireless it should have been implemented but whatever.. Nice 8 reasons.. :) .. LOL.. Forza Rocks! LOL