Imagining The Future Of BlazBlue

BlazBlue is just starting out, but it has fire behind it. The console version came out last week, with a lot of hype for a fighting game not tied to an established franchise.

"The genre got reignited by Street Fighter. In order for other titles to break other people out of first person genre a lot more of these games need to come out so it's in everyone's faces," explained Gail Salamanca, Director of Marketing at Aksys. "In order to keep people interested in the genre games need to come out. Not just from us, from Capcom, from Ignition, and Namco."

In the next twelve months there will be a steady stream of fighting games with titles like Tekken 6. Arc System Works, the developers of BlazBlue, have not announced what's next so Siliconera asked key staff members at Aksys what they would like to see happen with BlazBlue.

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