Colin McRae Dirt Preview - CVG get dirty with the near-finished game

This week CVG went hands-on with a near-final version of the game at Codemasters' Code07 show.

"Codemasters promised that the new physics engine would accurately model the differing handling of the vastly different vehicles, and that no two cars would feel the same. That was no lie. We raced around a super special course in a four-wheel animal that pumps so much power into its rear wheels that the second you touch the accelerator those wheels spin wildly causing the back end of your car to swing out into an awesome drift.

This is awesome because it completely changes the way the game is played. Instead of going into bends as fast as possible holding the handbrake to slide round, you find yourself slowing these muscle cars down before turning, then nailing the throttle as you start your turn to hear the engine's sudden roar - which sends the car into a high-revving drift around the bend."

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Extra Guy4259d ago

It sure is sounding really impressive, i can'y wait to try this one out.

Marty83704259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Dirt looks awesome, I'll be getting a copy for PS3.