Are We Truly Ready for the Digital Distribution of Video Games

With the upcoming release of the PSP Go, Microsoft launching their Games on Demand service, the Steam service on the PC, the continuous release of downloadable games on both PSN and Xbox Live - are we bringing in the digital age of gaming? TripleChat takes a look into how digital distribution might be upon us for the next generation and how it affects you the customers, retailers, and the distributors. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for each segment? Does it make economic sense for us to go all digital? After all the digital age has taken over the music industry with services such as iTunes and Amazon's MP3 service.

See what we have to say and what we think of the possibility of full retail console games going digital. More after the jump.

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zerosignalxst3297d ago

I live in Ontario, Canada and until we can get Rogers and bell to drop their 60gb per month download limits.... we're screwed.

rodeoo3297d ago

Even with download caps by some isp's the dl speeds are not there i could go to the store and back to buy a game on a dvd or blu ray in a fraction of the time it would take to dl.

Johnny Rotten3297d ago

I live in Ontario and use bell as well and the problem with my area is I pay for 7mb download speed but I can only get 4.5 MAX because our neighbourhood is the end neighbourhood for that "circuit".

Digital distribution is good for little things like songs and PSP games but for movies satellite and digital cable are the better choices next to a physical copy.

Beast_Master3297d ago

DD will never be 100% viable as long as there are gamers that want to trade or sell their games. Physical and Digital media are the same price currently, and as long as there is no benefits to DD it will not be viable.

SpoonyRedMage3297d ago

For portable it can be good, it works. Also for a distinct service with smaller games it works but games on demand won't take over simply because games will get bigger and harddrives will be too expensive(especially if you have to buy them from MS).

Simon_Brezhnev3297d ago

you know the XDF will get mad if you talk about their beloved M$

FamilyGuy3297d ago

For some areas of some countries, too limited to be "only" digital.
The progression we're on now is fine and i been downloading my psp games since late 04'