Assassin's Creed Interview

Most game designers spend relatively little time thinking about the crowds in their worlds. Even in so-called living cities, residents generally either ignore you or run from you, with but a scant nod in the direction of all those interesting greys in between. Not Ubisoft. In its upcoming action game Assassin's Creed the people that pulse through the dusty, busy streets are anything but ordinary. chat with Ubisoft about its Third Crusade adventure.

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OneBubbleBastard4254d ago

I dare any XBOT to take away my bubbles... Common is the least you can do while you wait for your defective 360 to get fixed.. with additional cost..

Extra Guy4254d ago

At least try to be a bastard before having your bubbles taken away. Positive feedback left ;)

hellraiser5014254d ago

positive feedback for you

nice_cuppa4254d ago

you have let us down !

but worse than that.......

you have let yourself down !

highps34254d ago

What once seemed like an insane game now seems average at best. The graphics and overall hype for this game has gone down a lot.

The worst thing they did was show the footage running on 360. Was a big let down in my book.

Hopefully the game will turn out good but with Ubisoft you never know what you are going to get.

PureGamer4254d ago

shut the fuk up you stupid PS3 fanboy, the 360 version looked great and so will the PS3. Why try to hate on this agme? it will be a beast dude.

BrotherSic4254d ago

probably the only comment i have ever agreed with you overrated :)

DirtySyko4254d ago

I was hoping the interview had more to it than just that. It really didn't say much. I'm still excited for this game, but it's hard to tell if it's going to be a hit or not. It may turn out to just be a decent, but fun game, like Hitman, and not the gold some people are thinking it will be.

Figboy4254d ago

my brain is exploding waiting for this game, but this interview didn't tell us anything we didn't know about it since last year.

i have confidence that this game will be lots of fun, simply because Ubisoft Montreal and the Prince of Persia team know how to make badass action games with creative level design.

i thought the video they showed last year was awesome. the game still had nearly a years worth of dev time. that's a lot of milestones they've yet to hit concerning it's development.

we haven't really seen much of it since then, but they did say a demo was going to hit sometime this year, before it's launch (i'm hoping a July demo, since the game is supposed to hit in August/September).

about this interview, it could have been much, much better, instead of what seemed like another chance at marketing shillery; "yeah, we're doing things that have never been seen before...our story has more depth than meets the eye..." blah blah blah, give us something more to chew on, the game is just 4 months from release.

techie4254d ago

Rumour is they were too ambitious and it has had a downgrade...

TheExecutive4254d ago

Do you know what has been downgraded? I wonder why the had to downgrade?

techie4254d ago

just a rumour...gameplay elements

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