Ico Creator "hates and loves technical limitations"

Fumito Ueda, creator of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and the upcoming The Last Guardian talks about the importance of visual fidelity and technical benchmarks.

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SolidAhmed3147d ago

“It's thanks to that my games have a very special aesthetic profile. It's a way to make the player forget about technical limitations and focus on the gaming experience.

that is so true

gamesmaster3146d ago

exactly, SOTC didnt have the best textures and what not, but the atmosphere and landscapes where epic and beautiful enough to completely overshadow those technical limitations.

i hope the last guardian will be as epic as sotc. with the ps3's capabilities i can't imagaine what atmosphere and scale this game will have.

Elimin83146d ago

“If a player sees a beautiful landcape or pretty light effects that's probably what he will remember and not the bad texture next to it.”

I like that.

AssassinHD3146d ago

I like is as well, but you know it isn't really true. It was true last generation, but not in this Gametrailers/Lens of Truth pixel counting generation. These days people bend over backwards to see graphical flaws at even microscopic levels.

Elimin83146d ago

You are right too but you must admit good graphics sometimes detract from the bad even if for a moment or little bit..

AssassinHD3145d ago

I do agree with that, yes.

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Fishy Fingers3146d ago

Source: (more information without the spoon feeding) http://www.develop-online.n...

asyouburn3146d ago

thanks for the link (much better read)

SevWolf3146d ago

Thanks for the link fishy, that was a great read, man this guy is amazing, he brought up a very good point

KilZoneGeneralStrife3146d ago

Ive been waiting. . .I'll keep waiting.I want this game so bad!

likedamaster3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

LOL. I really enjoyed SOTC. With that said, I really wasn't impressed with TLG showing at E3. Gameplay & graphics were mediocre. Of course it is far from being finished and Team ICO are masters of their craft but unless they show some gameplay/art style/story element that blows me away, I won't be thinking about this game let alone buying it. Cheers.

IrishAssa3146d ago

I hope it's not a platformer, look's like one in the trailer

Jihaad_cpt3146d ago

I love the way he said about the bad texture, it was funny and true

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