Asphalt 4 Elite Racing for DSi Review

GF's Julianne writes: "Gameloft promised spectacular 3D rendered graphics and eight exciting international cities in which to race your choice of the 28 cars and motorcycles available in the game. There are six different race modes and a four player multiplayer mode. You can even use the DSi camera's pictures to use as a personal icon or you could see the photo in billboards and signs. ..."

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SpoonyRedMage3175d ago

Awesome game and great value. I wonder what other games Gameloft plan to bring to the DSiware as they have a good lineup.

GunShotEddy3175d ago

Good to see third party publishers putting out great games for download on the DS.

SpoonyRedMage3175d ago

Well a lot of third party's are already releasing games for the DSiware... just not in the west...

Gameloft are giving the west good support, especially Europe(that's where they are). We already have 4 Gameloft games!

Aaron Greentard3175d ago

Forza 3 is gonna tear this game apart

xjoshbx3175d ago

That was hilarious... outta no where.

GunShotEddy3175d ago

Love the initial shock of reading that. ;)

bjornbear3175d ago

But i wouldn't be surprised of one of Turn 10 members actually said something like that about this game =P

Nice one =) This is fantastic the DS has loads of quality games =D didn't even know about this but its looking sweet!

gumgum993175d ago

lol, well of course.

It is the "definitive racing game of this generation", after all.

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PS360WII3175d ago

I'm sure if the DSi collection Gameloft has released so far sells well we can expect a lot more from their iPhone catalog. They have quite a few. Oregon Trail, Let's Golf, and even Hero of Sparta would be kind of nice to throw on there... even this new Gangsta game they have coming could be fun.

gumgum993175d ago

seriously, this game looks quite impressive for a download, and shatters barriers in how much a dsiware can actually do.