Starcraft: Frontline Vol. 3 Review reviewed the Tokyopop manga StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 3. Is it worth a read? Does it have anything to do with Starcraft II? The answer is very straight-forward. The four stories contained within this manga are thrilling. Starcraft II fans will quickly be addicted to these canon stories.

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Medievaldragon3029d ago

I really loved this manga's stories. I wish they could ship them monthly and make them an ongoing series.

Leord3029d ago

Yeah. I wish they were easily subscribed to in the UK :P

I mean the comics, not the manga, but I wouldn't be against the manga either.

Maticus3029d ago

Following the recent Blizzard theme with comics / gameplay then.

Leord3029d ago

Yes, I like the traditional comics more though...

Leord3029d ago

I kind of dislike the manga style drawings in the SC universe, but the stories are brilliant.

Dorjan3029d ago

Yeah it isn't that good from what i've seen

Holyknight30003029d ago

I've been a manga fan for over 6 years, and i was glad to see StarCraft and WarCraft get into that art form. I'm patiently waiting to see the Diablo universe join in on this stuff.

SCFreelancer3029d ago

Fair chance that franchise will join in, in less then a year I think!

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